Background Story I’m currently looking for a flat in Hamburg and to describe it in one word would be: hopeless. The real estate market there... continue reading

Written on April 28, 2016

Learning by doing

I finally finished the beta version of my first tiny 2D game and I learned a lot by doing it. In the end I named... continue reading

Written on October 4, 2015

Raspberry Pi

Over 3 years the Raspberry Pi has gotten more and more popular. In my home country even the Prime Minister attended the project launch. In... continue reading

Written on September 14, 2015

C is wonderful

So I have been getting deeper into C#. Last week I wrote my first tiny programs in C# to learn about classes, methods, references etc... continue reading

Written on August 25, 2015

It has begun!

The Summer in Hannover has been really hot but slowly it’s coming to an end. I have started my work/school life once again from the... continue reading

Written on August 5, 2015

The Struggle is real

So after three months of applications, emails and interviews I finally managed to secure an Internship at a local IT company. I'm happy and grateful... continue reading

Written on May 19, 2015

Cebit 2015

Went to Cebit last week. Nothing much to write about it really. Saw some cool stuff, but it’s more bussinessoriented nowadays. Took a few pictures... continue reading

Written on March 24, 2015

Time to get serious

After the initial rush and learning all you can - for free - comes an inevitable low on the progressbar. It is hard, one might... continue reading

Written on March 11, 2015

100 hours of free time

Hei! So I just received this email from Erik. Just vau! - that’s how I’d like to “waste” a 100 hours any time. This must... continue reading

Written on February 26, 2015


Small update: Learning MySQL for the past week. Wish every languages was so user friendly. At least I feel so… Haven’t encountered a stacked and... continue reading

Written on February 20, 2015


Last few days been playing around with YouTube and videos etc. Nothing too much. Made a homepage for my youtube channel with this neat player.... continue reading

Written on February 16, 2015


Everyone knows Reddit, right? Well here are some valuable subreddits for wannabe WebDevs: LearnProgramming CScareer Starups And some bonus places to put in pratice, all... continue reading

Written on February 3, 2015

Odin Project

If you wanna join a growing community devoted to learning web development you could check out The Odin Project. Very practical, easy and up-to-date learning... continue reading

Written on January 30, 2015

First Game

Today I tried Javascript in action. Here is my result. Working on my next game already. continue reading

Written on January 29, 2015

Here to get YOU learning

Some useful info on how to get started: First things first. To understand what are you getting yourself into, here are the basics in a... continue reading

Written on January 28, 2015

I'm up and learning!

Hello World! It’s me, trying to get started in the wonderful and crazy world of web development. Which might seem overwhelming at start, but with... continue reading

Written on January 27, 2015